What We Do

As a community gathering in the name of Jesus Christ,
we are committed to WORSHIP, WORK, PRAY, and PLAY!

WORSHIP: Celebrating Christ in the City

We had our 1st open-air celebration of Christ at Columbus Circle in Downtown Syracuse on May 31st, 2017. It is a great opportunity to share messages of hope, pray for one another, and worship God with live music. Syracuse United Methodist Churches will continue to offer this event annually in the City of Syracuse. For more information, please CONTACT our churches.


RESTART is our outreach ministry that supports individuals and families who are restarting their lives. Some move out of shelters while others move from places that were condemned, caught fire, or had other difficulties. Often, RESTART must move quickly to assist as these people begin their new lives. For volunteers and donations, please contact our coordinator Evelyn Disinger (edisinger235@gmail.com / 315-857-7634). For our help, please leave a voice message at 315-460-5226 with your name, phone number, and your specific needs so that we can get back to you as soon as possible.

PRAY: Wednesday Morning Prayer

Rev. John Wesley, the founder of Methodist movement, considered prayer as one of the “Means of Grace” that convey God’s “preventing, justifying, or sanctifying” grace. Our prayer group meets every Wednesday morning seeking God’s grace in different locations; we meet not only at our churches but also at schools, shopping mall, or even downtown plaza to pray for the community and bless our neighbors. The prayer group itself is also a community in which you can freely share your concerns and joys in life. To join us and pray together, please CONTACT one of our pastors. *We currently meet via Zoom due to COVID-19 concerns.

PLAY: Summer Picnic

It is hot in summer, but we tried to make it even hotter with the warmth of our love, worship, service, kickball, hot dogs, and s’mores! We all expect something better at next summer picnic. JOIN US, and let us enjoy God within us together!
> Facebook Photo Gallery of 2021 Event

ONE MORE: Thanksgiving Celebration

It was a snowy November night when we gathered together and celebrated the season of Thanksgiving. We shared various reasons for our gratefulness, participated in the Lord’s Supper, and offered gifts for our neighbors in need. JOIN US for this great event of giving and receiving! > Facebook Photo Gallery of 2019 Event